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The CEC's mission is to: 

Improve the way we produce and use energy in Charlotte by conservation, energy efficiency, renewables, transportation, buildings, and land-use planning.

Work in partnership with other Town groups such as

Sustainable Charlotte,

Conservation Commission, Charlotte Public Library, and Charlotte Central School. 

Promote energy education and awareness in the town of Charlotte and beyond. 

CCS w rainbow.jpeg

Charlotte Central School’s food gardens and compost shed under a double rainbow.

An Energy Committee Is Born

In 2009, there was a growing grassroots movement in Vermont to respond to climate change by working on energy efficiency. Our town had the Charlotte Conservation Commission (CCC), but its mission didn't address energy issues. Two CCC members held an open meeting to gauge the town’s interest in a new committee dedicated to energy. Using sticky notes and a facilitated process, about 65 people created the CEC mission, which still stands today. From the start, the CEC has focused on positive change.

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