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Charlotte Weatherization Project

to tell us what materials you're interested in

Materials are available through the Energy Committee and 

as part of the Charlotte Food Shelf. 

Charlotte Weatherization Project GOALS

 Provide Charlotters with adequate support and materials to weatherproof their homes

 Encourage energy efficiency, cost savings, and emissions reduction to build community resilience


★ Window Insulation Kit

★ Pipe Insulation

★ Window Seals

★ Caulk

★ Foam

★ Door Sweep

★ Low-Flow Showerhead

★ Outlet Gasket

★ Light Switch Gasket

Weatherization and Weatherproofing

Weatherization is generally regarded as the easiest, lowest-hanging-fruit place to start to button up your home and/or place of work. By tightening up the buildings you occupy with insulation and air sealing you make them more comfortable, healthier, and warmer in winter and cooler in summer, all while reducing your utility bills! Investing in weatherization reduces both costs and emissions year over year. Also, reducing your demand for imported fossil fuels increases Vermont's energy independence and keeps dollars closer to home. A win-win-win for climate action!

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