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Solar Power

Using solar power and other renewable energy sources comes with many beneficial incentives! Check them out here

A solar system can supply renewable energy even when the sun isn’t shining or when the grid suffers a power outage. Solar power offers Vermonters a local clean energy source, greater energy independence, cost stability, and cost savings.

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Resources and Information

Don't have a good roof for solar? Acorn Renewable Energy Co-op is offering shares in the Bristol Community Solar project to Vt residents with GMP service! Check out the website, email, or call 802-385-1991

A Guide to Solar Energy in Vermont’s Working Landscape offers an introduction and state-of-the-field overview for the integration of solar energy and complementary land use practices in Vermont.

The Pollinator-Friendly Solar Initiative of Vermont has developed an interactive scorecard for developers to determine how friendly their solar installations can be.

The Charlotte Preferred Sites for Solar Net-metering map includes the potential preferred sites that were mapped during the town plan update process. The preferred sites are areas that do not have any known or possible state or local constraints. In short: Great sites for new solar!

American Farmland Trust supports accelerated solar development and believes that with proper planning and siting our agricultural lands can also play a meaningful role in hosting solar energy while maintaining active and productive agriculture. 

Bee the Change is repurposing the unused space in solar fields to support our threatened pollinators!

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