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CEC in the News!

Charlotte Town Garage Ribbon Cutting

(Ken French video, November 29, 2023)

'Solarize Charlotte' Campaign Lights Up

(The Citizen, February 23, 2023)

​CEC Launches Solarize Charlotte

(The Charlotte News, January 23, 2023)

Charlotte Weatherization Project

(The Citizen, October 20, 2022)

Growing Resilience in Charlotte

(The Citizen, October 13, 2022)

​Free Weatherization Supplies

(The Charlotte News, September 29, 2022)

​New Bike Rack at CCS Solar Shed

(The Charlotte News, July 14, 2022)

CEC Pollinator Workshop

(The Charlotte News, June 2, 2022)

Charlotte's Solar Lights

(The Charlotte News, February 3, 2022)

CEC's Energy Shelf

(The Charlotte News, January 20, 2022)

CEC 2021 Highlights

(The Charlotte News, December 16, 2021)

Bike/Pedestrian Road Survey

(The Charlotte News, December 2, 2021)

Solar Mini-Fest

(The Charlotte News, October 7, 2021)

Installation of Dual Use Solar Project at CCS

(The Charlotte News, August 26, 2021)

EV Charger Sign Installed

(The Charlotte News, July 1, 2021)

Resources Available for Weatherization—Save Money and Stay Cozy

(The Charlotte News, December 17, 2020)

Charlotte Energy Committee: A Year in Review
(The Charlotte News, December 3, 2020)

Charlotte’s First Public EV Charger

(The Charlotte News, July 23, 2020)

Energy in the Forest
(The Charlotte News, March 19, 2020)

Climate Solutions Forum Coming to Charlotte-Shelburne-Hinesburg

(The Charlotte News, December 6, 2019)

Greener Lawn and Yard Care

(The Charlotte News, July 25, 2018)

Charlotters Driven to Electric Cars
(The Charlotte News, May 30, 2018)

Reflections on Being a Student Member of the Charlotte Energy Committee

(The Charlotte News, July 25, 2018)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Heat Pumps and More

(The Charlotte News, March 23, 2017)

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