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The problem of pollution has been evident for centuries; the urgency to address it has intensified in recent decades with the knowledge that greenhouse gases have already changed our climate. What if we could not only reduce our greenhouse gas emissions but actually reverse the process? What if we could draw carbon out of the atmosphere, bury it in the ground, and avert catastrophic climate change? Vermont has a big role to play in this movement.

Vermont can (and should) maximize carbon sequestration with its

vast natural assets of forests and agricultural land.

Carbon Sequestration

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Learn about all the surprising ways carbon can be sequestered at Project Drawdown

Agricultural Land

"By using techniques to build healthy, biologically active soils, organic agriculture has the potential to increase global soil carbon sequestration, mitigating the impacts of climate change.”

From NOFA-VT’s April 2021 Policy Updates

"Keeping forests as forests is the single most important action a family forest owner can take to maintain forest carbon sequestration and storage, reducing the impact of climate change.”

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