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Charlotte Weatherization Project

Winter isn't over yet!

We have free DIY weatherization materials left from the fall, which the Library is kindly housing for us. Ask at the front desk, take what you need, and fill out the sign-up sheet so that we can track what is being used.

Weatherization Project Flyer bottom.jpeg

                                              The CEC, concerned about the lack of transportation options

                               in Charlotte besides the privately owned and operated car, was awarded

              a grant for a public outreach study to examine options to reduce carbon emissions and

      improve accessibility in town.  This work marries well with the Planning Commission's East and West Charlotte Villages masterplanning project. The combined projects are supported by Chittenden County regional planners and a team of community planners and landscape architects from DuBois & King.  

                            We'd love your input and great ideas via surveys and upcoming public events!

                   More information about both projects, an initial survey of community questions, and the

                                       opportunity to sign up for regular updates is available


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